Providing full circle orthopaedic treatment to London

London Orthopaedic Clinic provides multi-disciplinary musculoskeletal diagnosis and treatment from our expert team. Our outpatients clinic is located within the historic and internationally renowned Harley Street Medical area and our surgeons operate at prestigious hospitals within this enclave of clinical excellence including; The Princess Grace Hospital, King Edward VII’s Hospital, The London Clinic and The Weymouth Street Hospital.

We offer innovative care options, including surgical and conservative treatment with transparent information and measurable outcomes.


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  • The Possible Causes Of Numb Fingers

      Numbness in the fingers can affect your life in many ways. The sensations of numbness can cause a prickling feeling which can feel like a needle touching your finger. It can also affect the way you pick things up; this can make you feel clumsy or make you think that you have lost the […]


  • Tendinopathy

      What is it? Tendinopathy is basically a fancy name for a tendon injury. These tendon injuries can occur in any tendon in the body but are most commonly found in the elbow and heel joints. Most of these injuries tend to occur near the joint as this is where most of the pressure is […]