If you are insured, we would advise that you contact your insurance company prior to your first appointment to clarify what your policy covers and to ensure they will authorise your claim. All of our consultants are recognised by the major insurance companies.

Once you have received pre-authorisation for your consultation and/or treatment please bring these details with you to avoid having to self pay on the day.

Patients with non-UK based insurance will be asked to pay on the day of treatment. Receipts will be provided so that you are able to claim costs back from your insurance company.

Letters of guarantee from embassies are accepted, but please inform us of these at the time of booking your appointment and remember to bring this information with you on the day. We may have to charge you directly or decline treatment without your letter of guarantee. If you are paying for your own treatment you will be asked to settle the account at or before the time of treatment. We accept all major credit and debit cards except American Express.

Self-Pay Pricelist

Consultant Fees Price
New Consultation £250.00
Follow-up Consultation £195.00
Peripheral nerve and brachial plexus injuries – Mr Tom Quick Price
New Consultation £300.00
Follow-up Consultation £200.00
Platelet Rich Plasma - PRP (ACP) Injections under ultrasound-guidance Price
PRP Single injection £795
PRP Course of 3 x Injections (prepaid) £2150
PRP Single Injection with Hylauronic Acid (HA)/viscosupplement £995
Nerve Conduction Studies Price
Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) Price
Single shockwave treatment £180
Course of 3 x single shockwave treatments (prepaid) £485
Injections: Interventional under ultrasound-guidance Price
Injection +/-aspiration into single joint, cyst, bursa £685
Injection +/-aspiration into 2+ joints, cysts, bursae £850
Injection of HA/viscosupplement into single joint £825
Injection of HA/viscosupplement into 2+ joints £1235
Shoulder hydrodistension +/-image guidance £720
Botulinus toxin (Botox) injection to muscle (50ml) £700
Botulinus toxin (Botox) injection to muscle (100ml) £840
Botulinus toxin (Botox) injection to muscle (200ml) £1400
Arthrosamid £3200
Ultrasound: Diagnostic Price
Achilles/Foot/Ankle/Knee/Hip/Elbow/Shoulder/Soft Tissue/Tendon £290
Groin/Neck/Extremity/Spine/Pelvis/Abdomen £345
Abdomen and Pelvis £515
Doppler Arterial Leg/Veins (Arm or Leg) £345

The above Consultant fees are exclusive of any tests/investigations/treatments which will be payable to the clinic/hospital/facility providing the service.

All prices quoted are for a single area unless otherwise indicated.

Prices for more than one area/bilateral conditions are available on request.