Arthrosamid® injections

Arthrosamid® injections are innovative non-surgical treatments for the pain, stiffness and disability of knee osteoarthritis.

Arthrosamid® provides safe, effective and sustained relief from pain, improving knee flexibility and restoring movement. The London Orthopaedic Clinic offers ultrasound-guided Arthrosamid® injections supervised by world-renowned consultant orthopaedic surgeons to accurately target treatment and optimise your results.

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What are Arthrosamid® injections?

Arthrosamid® is an innovative injectable treatment for knee osteoarthritis. A single injection of Arthrosamid® provides safe, effective and sustained pain relief without the need for surgery.

Arthrosamid® is based on hydrogel technology. The non-biodegradable injection is 97.5% water combined with a 2.5% cross-linked polyacrylamide backbone. The specialist injects the hydrogel into the knee, where it works to cushion and lubricate the joint. One Arthrosamid® injection can improve the pain and stiffness of knee osteoarthritis for up to 3 years.

Who can benefit from Arthrosamid® injections?

Arthrosamid® is an approved treatment to reduce the pain and stiffness of knee osteoarthritis. It cushions and lubricates the knee joint, improving your movement and reducing discomfort. If your knee osteoarthritis is causing pain, restricting your mobility and reducing your quality of life, Arthrosamid®can provide relief without surgery.

Treatment with Arthrosamid® may not be safe if you have an infection in or around the knee, have haemophilia, take anticoagulant medication, or have had a knee arthroscopy within the past six months.

Your specialist may advise delaying or avoiding treatment if you have poorly controlled diabetes, are undergoing major dental work, or have been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition.

About the procedure

What are the alternatives to Arthrosamid® injections?

The London Orthopaedic Clinic offers a comprehensive range of non-surgical and surgical treatments for knee osteoarthritis, including the very latest novel injections.

Our experienced consultant orthopaedic surgeons and pain management specialists offer full assessment, investigation, diagnosis and treatment of knee pain all under one roof. If you are unsure what treatment you need, they can provide an expert opinion and tailor a treatment programme that best meets your needs and lifestyle.

Alternatives to Arthrosamid® injections include:

If injectable treatments and other conservative treatments are not effectively controlling your symptoms, the highly-skilled orthopaedic surgeons at The London Orthopaedic Clinic can also operate to replace your knee joint, treating pain and restoring your movement.

Arthrosamid® treatment costs

Arthrosamid® injection is a cutting-edge treatment for knee arthritis that is not yet available on the NHS. Injections are currently available exclusively at private clinics in the UK. The London Orthopaedic Clinic offers competitive packages for self-paying patients. Contact a member of our friendly team on 020 7186 1000 or at to find out more.