Nerve Conduction Studies / EMG

Nerve Conduction Studies and EMG measure the function of nerves and muscles through pads applied to the surface of the skin that generate small electrical impulses. These pulses are not painful but feel like a tapping sensation. Your test will be carried out by Professor Holder. Before the test, he will ask a few questions about your symptoms and then you will be asked to sit in a chair or lie comfortably on a couch. The results of the test will be analysed and this will be made available to the referring doctor.

Do’s and Don’ts
  • It is essential that the limbs to be studied are warm, as coldness affects the measurements and may lead to inaccurate results. Unless it is a very hot summer’s day, please wear warm woollen gloves (not thin leather) or warm long socks (depending on whether your hands or feet will be tested.) Please keep them on in the waiting room so that the relevant limb is warm when the test is started.
  • Oily creams on the skin can also affect the accuracy of the results so please do not apply lotion or cream to your arms, hands, legs or feet for two days before the study.