Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a common condition triggered by the compression of a nerve in the wrist. It causes progressive numbness, tingling, pain and weakness in the hand. Carpal tunnel syndrome can be very uncomfortable, disrupting sleep and impairing the function of your hand.

The London Orthopaedic Clinic offers the very latest investigations and treatments to reduce pressure on the nerve and relieve the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Splints, ice or steroid injections can resolve the problem in many people, but if your symptoms are severe, carpal tunnel release surgery can stop the pain and the pins and needles.

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

In Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, the median nerve is pinched as it travels through the carpal tunnel, a narrow channel in the wrist. The carpal tunnel contains nerves, vessels and muscle tendons. It is a constricted area, so any swelling or narrowing can cause pressure on the structures within it.

The median nerve relays sensations to the brain and controls some hand movements. Compression can cause pain and interrupt these important nerve signals.

Several factors can increase the chance of developing carpal tunnel syndrome: Pregnancy, family history, obesity, individual anatomy, diabetes and thyroid disease can all raise the risk. Injury, arthritis and repetitive hand movements can also make you vulnerable to the condition.

What are the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

The compression of the median nerve leads to gradually increasing sensations of numbness, tingling and sometimes pain and weakness in the hand, particularly in the thumb, index and middle fingers.

Symptoms can come on at any time, but are often worse at night. The pain and numbness can wake you from your sleep and cause insomnia. Muscle weakness can particularly affect the thumb, making it difficult to grip. If your carpal tunnel syndrome is severe the nerve can be permanently damaged and the muscles can waste away.

How can the London Orthopaedic Clinic help with carpal tunnel syndrome?

The London Orthopaedic Clinic’s consultant surgeons will make a thorough assessment of your hand and wrist, arrange investigation in the clinic’s state-of-the-art imaging suite, then customise a treatment programme to resolve your carpal tunnel syndrome. This can include:


Why choose the London Orthopaedic Clinic?

The London Orthopaedic Clinic provides high-quality, expert orthopaedic and musculoskeletal care, tailored to the individual needs of our patients. The Clinic is based at Mayo Clinic Healthcare, at the heart of London’s internationally renowned Harley Street medical district. The London Orthopaedic Clinic offers cutting-edge diagnostics, treatment, management and personalised care.

The expert multi-disciplinary team includes more than 25 leading orthopaedic surgeons, pain management consultants, rheumatologists, allied specialists and radiologists. They work together to reduce pain, improve movement and make a real difference to patients’ lives.

The London Orthopaedic Clinic offers patients something truly unique: access to world-leading experts, high-tech imaging and the latest innovative treatments, together with the feeling of trust and safety of a small family practice.

Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment costs

The investigation and treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome at the London Orthopaedic Clinic may be covered by your health insurance policy. Competitive packages are also available for patients who are self-paying. Contact a member of our friendly team on 020 7186 1000 or at to find out more.