Dr John Outhwaite


Dr John Outhwaite

BM.Bch Ma oxon FRCPUK

Dr John Outhwaite is an experienced Consultant Rheumatologist and Physician in Orthopaedic Medicine. He specialises in complicated and persistently painful musculoskeletal conditions which are not suitable for surgical intervention.


Dr Outhwaite qualified from Oxford University in 1979 and served five years in the Royal Army Medical Corps. He has worked in Rheumatology teaching units in Birmingham and London and has also been a Consultant Physician in Orthopaedic Medicine at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre for many years.

His particular interest is in patients with complicated problems and persistent painful conditions which have not responded to simple treatment regimes, and are not suitable for surgical treatment. These include whiplash injury, persistent low back pain, complex regional pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, and knee and foot pain. He provides comprehensive exercise techniques and functional restoration programmes.

Dr Outhwaite is part of the team of skilled consultants and physicians at The London Orthopaedic Clinic, based at Mayo Clinic Healthcare. He works closely with multi-professional colleagues including pain consultants, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, cognitive psychologists and personal trainers.


“Amazing as usual. As Dr Outhwaite’s PA, you have set very high standards; I see so many doctors, but haven't found anyone to match up to you.“

“Dear Dr Outhwaite, I am very grateful for your care and help. Your thoroughness is much appreciated. Your request for dopler test for both legs and your referral for a ct scan might have saved my life.“

“Dr Outhwaite is the best consultant I have ever met. He can diagnose problems with incredible accuracy. He is always kind and patient.“

"I wish to thank you, Dr Outhwaite and your secretary Nadene, for the help and treatment I've been given the past year. It most certainly made the management of my condition easier both physically and mentally."

"I just wanted to drop a line to Dr Outhwaite to thank him so much for the treatment he has given me since 2017. I have benefited hugely from his skill and compassion and he has gone out of his way to help me.

He is extremely knowledgeable and highly experienced and was able to make sense of a collection of symptoms and fit them into one clear diagnosis where other doctors had not been able to. He explained a rare and complex condition into an easily understandable format without losing any of the detail."

"He was able to forewarn me of what might happen with the development of my condition and thus I was able to prevent further degeneration (such as losing bone density and getting fatigued by only exercising in the 'trash' region of energy use') by trying to keep weight through my leg and keep my cardio up (despite it being painful to do this).

Dr Outhwatie really listened to me and considered what I was saying and never rushed me even when the pain was so severe that I wasn't that coherent."

"He has bent over backwards for me in trying to help me by recommending physios and writing letters to them and to my gym. Nothing is ever too much trouble for him and I hugely appreciate the help, compassion and treatment he has given me over the years.

I am very very lucky to have him as my Consultant. It is rare to find someone of this level of experience and skill who has time for their patients.

I am a very very grateful patient."

“The staff was very courteous and helpful. Dr Outhwaite was very compassionate and knowledgeable.”

“Dr. Outhwaite identified a condition that has affected my health for years, when considering that I was born with this problem is amazing that no one has ever mentioned it before. I feel that now I know in which direction to go to solve my problem and to get on with my life. Well done Dr. Outhwaite.”

“Thorough, helpful sympathetic and professional.”

“I first met Dr Outhwaite in 2011 after he was recommended by a Muscular Skeletal Physician. I felt comfortable and at ease at our first meeting and was pleased with the efficient, caring and sympathetic manner he dealt with my condition for the period 2011 - 2015 and made me well again. This is the reason for my consulting him again in 2019 and he is the same as when we first met.”

“I found it liberating to get a sensible, if complicated, explanation of my problems. Dr Outhwaite is always understanding and inspires confidence in me that things will get better. He never underestimates my problems, I’m very pleased to have found him, I wish it had happened years ago.”

”Really understands my (complex) needs more than any specialist I have seen. Makes everything understandable, offers realistic hope, clear explanations.”

“Fantastic Service and Personal Care – Keep it up”

"I was very pleased with how Dr Outhwaite diagnosed me so quickly and started treatment straight away. Everyone was very friendly and helpful at the surgery."

"I was made to feel very comfortable by the receptionist. Mr Outhwaite is very good at explaining everything and I was very pleased with the consultation."

“Dr Outhwaite is an excellent Consultant and has been very helpful to me.”

“Both Consultants provided clear, full information on the procedure to be carried out.”

“Dr Outhwaite was able to size up my issues in a very short amount of time, he was thorough and has since written to both my GP and physio, he's clearly very experienced and knowledgeable.”

“I would recommend Dr Outhwaite to family and friends with pain issues”

“I was very pleased with how Dr Outhwaite diagnosed me so quickly and started treatment straight away. Everyone was very friendly and helpful at the surgery.”

“The best overall experience I've ever had seeing a doctor. Came over from the US for a second opinion on MRI and CT Scans. Saw 3 doctors in one week and was about to give up from misguided diagnosis. At the last moment we booked an appointment was seen same day. Dr Outhwaite was extremely knowledgeable, thorough, patient in his explanations and our questions. A+++ experience. If only I had seen him sooner, I could have saved tens of thousands of dollars. Thank you Dr Outhwaite and team!”

“I am very happy with Dr John Outhwaite. I find him very kind, very amusing and very professional. He is helping me a lot with my condition.”

“I was made to feel very comfortable by the receptionist. Dr Outhwaite was very good at explaining everything and I was very pleased with the consultation.”

“Dr Outhwaite is brilliant. I have seen many consultants before for my issue however, Dr Outhwaite understood the issue. He identified the rare condition I have and immediately acting on alleviating the symptoms. Very impressed by Dr Outhwaite!”

"This is probably the very best medical care I have ever received. I saw Justin Coulter originally who was wonderful. My husband and I were very impressed with him. He was extremely thorough and although I had originally been referred for another reason, he diagnosed Joint Hypermobility - nobody had ever noticed this before and I had struggled for years, not realising why...”

"...Justin suggested I see Dr Outhwaite and again, I have been extremely impressed with him. He is a superb practitioner and my follow-up treatment has been amazingly quick. I have had 4 MRI scans, seen Dr Outhwaite for my follow-up appointment and already had my first physio appointment within the space of a few short weeks. The care and concern I have been shown has been exemplary and I would highly recommend your clinic. I would also like to mention Dr Outhwaite's secretary, who has also been extremely helpful. Many thanks to you all”

“First class. Dr Outhwaite’s PA is so nice and so kind”

“Absolutely brilliant. Have seen so many experts on my back/foot issues, he is the only one who thoroughly analysed it and found the root of it. Very nice and humble. Highly recommended.”

“I would highly recommend Dr Outhwaite, his PA and the London Orthopaedic Clinic to anyone with unexplained pain which is interfering with everyday life. Dr Outhwaite is an expert in pain management and I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable, thorough and patient. A big thank you!”

“I have been under the care of Dr Outhwaite for a while now and he is compassionate and caring, giving me enough time to explain what is going on. He is very knowledgeable and understanding.”

“We live in very difficult times and doctors are under enormous stresses so it was really important to me that I relayed the worth of Dr Outhwaite as he is a credit to TLOC. I also wish to mention his PA, Nadene who is excellent in her entirety. She too applies care, understanding and empathy at all times. Nothing has ever been too much trouble for her.”

“I recently met with Dr John Outhwaite who has restored my faith in medicine. Not only did he reach a prognosis to the significant pain I’ve been enduring in a timely manner but he genuinely cared, listened and showed empathy at all times. Since meeting him my quality of life has been better and my pain managed correctly.”

"John Outhwaite is the best there is. Life saving and life changing."

"Dr. Outhwaite is the best at what he does, he knew my problem straight away. He listened carefully to my pain issues and did a careful examination, he was able to diagnose me with a condition that is consistent with the chronic pain that I have been suffering for the last three years. I am so pleased I booked to see him, I was able to get an appointment on the same day I made an online enquiry. His PA Nadene was also very nice and polite."

"I would first of all draw attention to the fantastic and responsive and personal service received from Nadene -PA to Dr Outhwaite in the lead up to, and following on from the appointment. With respect to the appointment itself it was clear that Dr Outhwaite was extremely knowledgeable. Not only that, he had a good manner and took time to explain things and answer my questions. He clearly outlined his thoughts and potential next steps. First class "

"Thank you for all the work you did for me as Dr Outhwaite’s PA. You have been marvellous , Nadene!"