X-ray at 79 Wimpole Street

The x-ray services provided to the London Orthopaedic Clinic are owned and managed by The Princess Grace Hospital, part of the HCA Healthcare Group.

There is one DR (Digital Radiography) room in the basement at 79 Wimpole Street. This is a state of the art piece of equipment made by GE and was installed in June 2011 at the same time as the refurbishment of the building.

Digital radiography is a fantastic innovation in that x-ray images are produced and available to see within 4 seconds as no processing is required. This allows most patients to have their x-ray within 5 minutes resulting in less waiting time. Also as less radiation is required to produce a diagnostic image, the dose to the patient is minimal (depending on the type of x-ray required) and there is less need for patients to repeat the process as the equipment allows image manipulation when necessary.

All x-ray images are transferred to the consulting rooms via a computerised PACS system which means images do not have to be printed and consultants can view them instantly. We have the facility to burn patient’s images onto a CD if they require at no extra cost.