What Is A Knee Specialist?

November 30th, 2018 by LOC Team

A knee specialist is a doctor that has studied the knee extensively. This knee doctor knows the complex structure of the knee better than any other doctor. They can examine your knee and discuss your symptoms with you and have a very good idea what is happening in your knee and why you are in pain.

Most people who are suffering from knee pain will begin their quest for treatment at their GP’s. A GP can send you for further tests to find out what’s wrong with your knee, but they cannot study your knee as extensively as a knee specialist. Your GP will likely send you to your local hospital for further tests like x-rays, for example. When these tests have confirmed the location of your pain, your doctors may then recommend you to a knee specialist.

Do I need to see a knee specialist for my knee condition?

It depends on your knee condition. For example, if you have a damaged ligament in your knee (a common knee complaint), you may not need to see a knee specialist as long as the doctors at your local hospital can identify the problem in your knee and offer you the right treatment. However, the more obscure knee conditions often need a knee specialist to come in and see what the issue is.

So, whether or not you’ll need to see a knee specialist depends on your knee condition and how difficult it is to diagnose. Typically a knee specialist will be in charge of most knee treatments in a hospital, but you may not actually ever meet with them.

What can a knee specialist offer?

The knee is a very complex joint with loads going on. A knee specialist can pinpoint the exact area where your problems lie and create a tailored treatment plan for your knee pain. Seeing a knee specialist for your knee pain can often be the quickest way of receiving treatment for your knee pain.

However, they can also diagnose other conditions that may affect your knee but don’t stem from your knee. For example, if you have had issues with your back, feet or hips in the past, you may have been walking off-kilter for many years without knowing. When this happens, you can damage the structures in your knee because your weight isn’t balanced. A knee specialist can spot this type of wear and tear damage and help you correct it. If you do have this sort of damage in your knee, you may need to see other doctors and not just your knee specialist, but a combination of the treatments from a knee specialist and a back specialist, for example, can help your knee pain and keep it away forever.

A knee specialist offers tailored treatment plans for their patients with knee pain. They delve deep into the joint to pinpoint the location of the damage and then decide the best course of action. This could be surgery, simple exercises or stretches, for example.

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