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It was a real delight to visit London Hand Therapy – Katherine is enthusiastic and the genuine pleasure she showed when my condition improved really made me feel positive and upbeat. I would recommend LHT to anyone without hesitation.

extremely happy with Mr Williams and the entire facility

“Life changing!!”

I received an exemplary and highly professional service from every single member of the personnel working for your organisation.

Superb treatment. Thank you

Great guy.

I was diagnosed with tendon inflammation in my right hand and got a steroid injection the same day. The swelling has decreased substantially and currently I am not experiencing any pain. I am giving my tendon lots of time to heal before returning to exercising and wearing the splint as well whenever I can. Very pleased with the speed and quality of service.

Hands of God….I completely trust Katherine in all things upper body related.

I woke up this morning (day after) with NO knee/leg pain and now I can fully enjoy the rest of my vacation (three more weeks). A big thank you!!!

I was delighted with my visit to London Orthopaedic Clinic. Excellent service, very professional, great attention to detail. Speedy service. Excellent consultants who explained everything clearly.

I am still so grateful that I found my way to Katherine!

Very Professional And All Members Of Staff Were Very Kind And Helpful

Katherine very expertly and sensitively guided me through a medically and emotionally complicated recovery, and I now live a pain-free life thanks to her individual and thoughtful approach.

An excellent clinic with the very best consultants. I’v seen Mr Goodier for my knee and Mr Cohen for my shoulder. Both have been professional in their approach whilst explaining the situation in simple terms. I’m a keen sportsman so i’m sure I’ll need to come back at some point and I won’t go anywere else!

Mr Williams arranged for me to have an immediate ultrasound scan at European Scanning Centre so I had seen him and had the scan all with 1 hour – very impressive

Problems dealt with swiftly & very professionally .

Prompt, attentive and considerate.

I had exceptionally good care and I recommend LOC and especially Mr Williams very highly

Thank you so much for all you have done recently for me. You really apply the logic 100% and in doing so you always identify the best solution. – Giancarlo

Fantastic service – prompt, efficient and Consultant talked (& walked) me through the process. Managed to get USS, X-ray and review of results all within 40 mins – faultless service, thank you!

Was seen ahead of schedule as had arrived early.
Very clear and to the point

Excellent service from everyone I met: receptionists, doctor, nurse and xray staff.

Excellent service, everyone very friendly. I felt taken care as if I was part of a family.

I was made to feel very comfortable by all the staff.

Well done Ros and Lloyd!

Brilliant experience! In all my dealings with private healthcare, I have never been privy to such expedient, courteous and streamlined service. I can understand that some might wish to have more time with the doctor and not feel rushed however for my purposes, it was sheer bliss. I wish all my private consultants ran as efficiently.

This clinic runs like a well oiled machine. Very impressed with the level of service. With staff like this, I have no trepidation about my upcoming surgery. Thank you.


Best x-ray technician ever. He was very friendly and I believe would put anyone’s mind at ease.

Well done all involved,

I won the competition and I am in shock! A year ago I would not have been able to play. As I played yesterday I was sending gratitude to you: your patience, knowledge and compassion enabled me to stand in that room, perform and win! Thank-you Katherine! 

Excellent service from everyone I met: receptionists, doctor, nurse and xray staff.

Excellent service, everyone very friendly. I felt taken care as if I was part of a family.

I was made to feel very comfortable by all the staff.

Well done Ros and Lloyd!

London Hand Therapy has been a rock of support, many thanks Katherine.

Dr. Outhwaite is brilliant. I have seen many consultants before for my issue however, Dr. Outhwaite understood the issue. He identified the rare condition I have and immediately acting on allevating the symptoms. Very impressed by Dr. Outhwaite!

Excellent team Excellent work please keep it UP

Well done everyone!

I will be forever grateful for the treatment and support that Katherine has provided over the past few years. She has put me back together and given me the opportunity to progress and complete my studies!

High level of trust

Coming from Dublin for a family celebration the appointment was made easy to suit my dates. Dr Williams was extremely helpful and gave me his honest opinion.

Keep up the good work. I would certainly recommend the clinic and Mr Owen-Johnstone.

The Consulting Room’s very clean & comfortable, I was dealt with professionally and would if necessary use them again.

Dr Sean Curry was amazing… He pinpointed my problem like a laser beam and recommended a course of treatment, explained the condition artfully… I started some stretches and exercises prio to my first PT visit and really improved dramaticly… with additional guidance from my PT, I and well on the way to 100% recovery… I want to put an additional plug in for Physiotherapy London and Benjamin Lee… He is professional and effective!!!

I could never have made the tour if it had not been for the help of London Hand Therapy …

Very impressed with adherence to timetable. First class consultation. Great guy. Inspired confidence.

Super service, exceeded expectations in every respect. Well done and thank you.

Miss Catina Bernardis gave me a detailed explanation of my condition and suggested a clear path to follow. Her manners were impecable.

Dr Outhwaite is an excellent Consultant and has been very helpful to me.

Great to see a Consultant who feels understanding your problem as important as treating your problem. Very happy.

Justin explained everything which I really appreciated

Very impressed with Mr Coulter, the computerized gait analysis was good, and he recommended off the peg orthotics, ie a huge saving over custom fitted.

November new knee, April start bowling, September 2 trophies. All thanks to Mr. A. Ghoz. Great job!

I had knee pain and was unable to run.  Walking any length of time caused discomfort behind and on the side of the knee. Mr Sood was able to give an accurate diagnosis based on my symptoms even before an MRI confirmed the outcome. He explained what my options was –  a key-hole surgery to repair the tear. Surgery was easy to schedule. The hospital and my treatment for surgery by Mr Sood and his team was a good experience. I would definitely recommend Mr Sood.  He was competent and professional yet friendly and assuring in his approach.  I knew I was in good hands from my first visit for diagnosis to my last visit post-surgery.

Mr Curry is an excellent Consultant and a most delightful and caring person.
All excellent

Complements on the refurb of the building as it compares very favorably with others in area. Mr. Williams is an excellent doctor and clearly very articulate and straightforward. Have already recommended him to others…….

Very happy and grateful to Mr.R.Lloyd Williams and his secretary Sally

There literally aren’t enough superlatives to describe Katherine. Her professionalism, dedication, overwhelming experience and expertise are second to none. She has a huge passion for her subject and is constantly seeking to further her knowledge, experience and training beyond her existing qualifications, which already surpass most other therapists in the profession. Her genuine empathy for patients and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure the very best outcome for her patient’s condition is second to none. She never fails to give anything but 110% to ensure I would achieve the best outcome possible. All of her clinics are run with efficiency, professionalism, and above all with a personal emphasis on patient care. I cannot recommend London Hand Therapy highly enough!

Thank you for everything you have done to get me back to being able to give concerts. There was a long time where I thought it was ‘game over’ but I can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel and that makes me inexplicably happy and it is really down to you!

Incredibly knowledgeable and personable.

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I was with the treatment I received on the day. I arrived with an incredibly painful shoulder and within an hour, the root problem was solved, and within a week or two I was back to normal instead of months of rehabilitation as initially expected!

This was my first time to your clinic, and I had an excellent experience. Would definitely recommend the clinic and particularly Dr. Owen-Johnstone.

Very prompt attention at all stages

All very efficient and professional

Dear Ingrid, After our last session I am so happy with my progression that we have made over the last couple of months.

A million thank you’s for helping me through some of the most important moments of my recovery. I will not be in this position without your help.

My Wife saw Mr. Curry last September and was greatly encouraged by the time, interest and advice that he gave her. He suggested that she saw Justin Coulter, which she did and his footbeds were particularly helpful. We’ve just come back from a few days’ skiing which were extremely successful and my Wife was almost back to her old self!

She just wanted to say: A BIG THANK YOU to you both!!!

Mr. Gidwani was very helpful and professional. He listened to my concerns and was very reassuring and honest about the potential outcomes. He advised me what I should and shouldn’t be doing and how I could return to work safely. My wrist is now completely healed, with no pain and a full range of movement, largely thanks to his excellent surgical care. I would have no hesitation in returning to see Mr. Gidwani again or referring anyone else to do so.

The best experience ever. Everything was professional and the doctor was able to clearly deliver the diagnosis. Thank you.

I am very happy with Dr John Outhwaite I find him very kind very amusing and very professional. He’s helping me a lot with my condition.


I saw my specialist, had an x-ray, and MRI and returned to see my specialist, and received a boot fitting all within two hours. the service and attention to my care was excellent.

Well done Brian and Lloyd! All other feedback received was positive, with no written comments.

Best wishes

You are the best therapist I have ever met – and I have met many! So many thanks for actually listening to me and giving practical and wise advice and wonderful treatments.

I was really frightened when I fell on my thumb and thought that it was the end of my playing career. The care I received at London Hand Therapy was amazing, both reassuring and informative with a friendly and relaxed approach. I carefully followed Katherine’s advice and am now fully recovered and playing without pain. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

don’t have any as cannot find any fault. I came originally last year to see Lloyd Williams and the overall care was so good that I have the greatest that I have the greatest trust in the LOC and the consultants there

The Doctor and Ultrasound personnel were very professional

I have been pain free and my finger has not locked since last seeing you. I can not imagine what would have happened to me if London Hand Therapy had not helped – thank you so much!

Excellent consultant, very pleased and will recommend Mr Justin Coulter

I was very impressed during my time at The London Orthopadic Clinic. I felt at ease and cared for throughout.

This was the first time I had chosen treatment outside the NHS. I am so impressed I am going to go and get private health insurance. Never again do I want to have to endure the long and painful wait I have had this time. I left the consultation feeling like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I was talked to like a human being with a brain and everything was explained to me. I wasnt kept waiting or made to feel like I had to be hurried through and I had complete confidence in the swift diagnosis I received. After four years of pain I am looking forward to having surgery within a week.

I am especially appreciative of and impressed by the efficient yet friendly organisational ability of Mr Cohen’s assistant. Thanks to her once again!

I commend the professional touch of the Consultants I saw & their promptness. Most importantly, I thank Mr Goodier for introducing me to such high caliber Professionals.

I wish all the consultants I saw ran such an efficient and streamlined practise. When you are on crutches to enter such a calm, efficient, professional practice really does make a difference.

Justin Coulter was thorough, patient, and explained his diagnosis clearly. I will definitely recommend him to friends and family.

Very good experience overall. I will recommend the clinic to friends and family members

I was impressed with the over all experiance and will recommend to others.

I have already written separately to thank Mr Williams and his team. The most caring, professional and patient centred attention imaginable matched only by the consultant’s expertise. I am so lucky to be in his care

Don’t like going to any doctor’s office (for treatment) but LOVE this place!!
Very friendly and helpful
Extremely Great Service!

All other feedback was positive with no actionable comments.

Best wishes

Confirmed my doctor’s analysis and proposed a scan to determine where the nerve was trapped in the lumbar region. Am currently waiting for a date at our local hospital for which we are also paying

Firstly , a massive thank to you all for being such bloody amazing specialists in your professionals and more importantly for your kindness and caring in seeing me so quickly. My care has been second to none, thank you!

So this morning I am delighted to say , I currently feel little pain in my lower leg, just a heavy sensation AND I have very little pain in my ankle too.
I have a bit of isolated pain to the ankle bone and stiffened at the back of the ankle when I push my toes forward but that’s about it at the moment.

When I compare the pain to the last few years and most recent days post surgery, and as you know I would of consented to you taking a chain-saw to the leg!

So the leg it feeling really good and let hope its lasts.

You have clearly done some something amazing !!! Thank you all.

I was made to feel at ease and that both i and my condition would be taken seriously and dealt with appropriately from the first meeting.

I would recommend Dr Outhwaite to family and friends with pain issues

The treatment Katherine gave me was warm and caring. I have successfully recovered from trigger finger surgery with a full range of movement and no pain. I really looked forward to the sessions, because afterwards I felt SO much better. I couldn’t recommend her therapeutic treatments more highly.

Katherine’s knowledge, expertise and caring, individual approach are second to none! Thanks to her treatment I’m now back playing!

Have always found the clinic gives excellent service, both with Mr Lloyd Williams and Mr Sean Curry

Thank you for putting me back together again – your treatments are amazing Katherine!

I was suffering from hip arthritis. The pain made it almost impossible to do the things i loved doing. I cannot speak highly enough of the care and treatment I received from Mr Sood.  Having had cancer treatment and made to feel invisible by a few Consultants it was wonderful to be actually looked at and listened to. I am back horse-riding and can do the things that I couldn’t do before with ease. I would recommend Mr Sood’s practice without hesitation.

I can’t thank Katherine enough for her help and support during my rehabilitation. Her expertise and professionalism got me back to competing on tour with the confidence that I needed to perform.

London Orthopaedic Clinic – the only orthopaedic clinic worth going to where they fix the bits you break & bash!!!

After a life changing injury to my left elbow and hand London Hand Therapy have proved that with their professional treatment it is possible to regain strength and movement. I am forever grateful to them.

I was very impressed with the whole experience and will certainly recommend the service to others. Thank you

The expertise, patience and encouragement I have received at London Hand Therapy have not only helped me to recover, but have given me the confidence to believe that I would do so. A lifesaver, as being an injured musician makes you feel very vulnerable!

Thankfully I found London Hand Therapy, after receiving poor advice from my GP and becoming very frustrated! Katherine is fantastic, compassionate and quickly reversed the lack of function in my hand.

Very impressed with Mr Coulter and his holistic approach. Also with his advise re the Insurance company

My experience was very pleasent and all options for care were explained in a manner that any person would be able to understand them. I would recommend your clinic to anyone needing specialist attention.

I cannot thank Dr Goodier and Dr Coulter enough for the excellent care they have provided. I can finally play tennis again without feeling pain or discomfort. 

I would also like to thank the wonderful staff at the London Orthopedic Clinic.  

My son William recently recieved a medal from our tennis club in the US for his skills as the youngest player in the advanced junior group.  

He told me that the best Christmas present this year will be that he and I finally can play tennis together again.  

You have made this soon-to-be 8-year old boy extremely happy. 

I couldn’t be more pleased with the care Mr Cohen has given me.

Obviously the best

Well done everyone, keep up the great work.

Great service I was seen as an emergency it is good to know that if I find myself in difficulties I have a great team behind me

I really can’t rate Sean curry highly enough. This is the second time i have had treatment with him and i wouldn’t ever go to anyone else. He has made me feel so comfortable and has helped / reassured me that all will be fine. His bedside manor is outstanding and i wish to pass on my on going thanks and gratitude to him and all of the clinic

Dear Mr. Gidwani, I wanted to thank you for looking after me and my wrist. You were always so kind with me. It will be so nice to no longer be in pain with my wrist, something I owe to you and your amazing team at Guy’s and St Thomas’. Again, a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Lloyd is super, you should clone him and make more.

Mr Curry is very professional and serious. I definitively recommend him. I liked The London Orthopaedic Clinic very much.

Would you please be kind enough to pass on my thanks to (Mr. Ghoz and his) surgical team for the manner in which they looked after me prior, during, and post operation. Would you also record my thanks to the nursing staff on the ward for the professional, compassionate, dignified and not least good humoured manner in which they cared for me during my stay. Lastly and by no means least I would like to thank you for your care, understanding and skill in sorting me out!

All of the staff very helpful and pleasant, was seen on time and Mr Cohen was excellent: very helpful and understanding and gave me clear ways forward on treatment.

Thank you to all.

Mr Cohen kindly ‘inserted’ me into his list as an emergency after a fall.

I last saw Dean Halfpenny, and I thought he was very good in asking me what the issues were and asking about general health and also taking the time to explain to me what the issues were with out me having to ask.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for agreeing to see me 23 November 2017. Dr. Criswell referred me to you for diagnosis and treatment for a shoulder injury suffered 22 November 2017. You provided prompt care and reassurance that the fracture of my right clavicle was the source of my pain. Thank you for downloading photos of the x-rays to the thumb drive I carry.

We have returned to the US, and I am under the care of our primary physician. I will see an Orthopedic physician a week from today.

Again, thank you for your care and reassurance that the fracture will likely heal without surgical intervention.

Very Professional And All Members Of Staff Were Very Kind And Helpful

Justin was excellent. His knowledge and explanation was first class and gave me great confidence that the matter would be resolve

Good work, Justin!

I have rarely met a human being like Katherine – her warmth and professionalism radiate the room and inspired belief and positivity.

Overall a pleasant experience with very nice people, felt pleased and reassured after my consultation. Very nice comfortable environment, would highly recommend.

Superb all round and would recommend to anyone in the future.

In the wake of a badly broken wrist, I am extremely grateful for both the treatment and advice which I have received from Katherine. My wrist would not have recovered as quickly and as comprehensively without her.

Great service so much smoother and quick than NHS did something in 30mins that would have taken months

Mr Williams explained my injuries the most comprehensive of all the foot specialists I have seen. He showed me the scan and explained as he went. I felt confident with his skills and expertise.

Both Consultants provided clear, full information on procedure to be carried out.

Mr Williams and his team were very impressive and I left feeling highly satisfied with the care I received. They put me at ease, were informative and friendly.

Everything was perfect. The consultant was very helpful and professional and I would recommend him to anyone looking for knee treatment. We were seen a little bit late due to the doctor running late after surgery but his secretary explained the situation and asked if I wanted a drink. She was very helpful and even willing to help with everything. I was very happy with the whole experience and I would recommend Mr. Sean Curry and the London Orthopaedic Clinic. The consultant explained the situation very well and gave me several options for treatment if this one does not work out.

The best overall experience I’ve ever had seeing a doctor. Came over from the US for a second opinion on MRI and CT Scans. Saw 3 doctors in one week and was about to give up from misguided diagnosis. At the last moment we booked an appointment was seen same day. Dr Outhwaite was extremely knowledgeable, thorough, patient in his explanations and our questions. A+++ experience. If only I had seen him sooner I could have saved tens of thousands of dollars. Thank you Dr. Outhwaite and team!!!

Dr Outhwaite was able to size up my issues in a very short amount of time, he was thorough and has since written to both my GP and physio, he’s clearly v experienced and knowledgeable.

Well done Lloyd and John!

Excellent service extremely pleased with the appointment all was explained very well!

Extremely quick – I had a baby with me and everyone was really nice and helpful!

All other feedback was positive with no written comments.

Well done Team Williams & Team Curry!

‘Treatment extremely effective’

Thank you!

When I was diagnosed with focal dystonia in my right thumb, I thought I would never be able to play the piano again. I suffered from the condition for almost four years but, with Katherine’s help, I got through one of the most difficult stages in my career and life. I am now fully recovered and enjoy a busy performance schedule playing concerts all over the world. Thank you London Hand Therapy!

I was extremely satisfied and 100% confident with Mr Curry.

This is probably the very best medical care I have ever received. I saw Justin Coulter originally (as recommended by Mr Redfern) who was wonderful – my husband and I were very impressed with him. He was extremely thorough and although I had originally been referred for another reason, he diagnosed Joint Hypermobility – nobody had ever noticed this before and I had struggled for years, not realising why. He suggested I see Mr Outhwaite and again, I have been extremely impressed with him. He is a superb practitioner and my follow-up treatment has been amazingly quick. I have had 4 MRI scans, seen Dr Outhwaite for my follow-up appointment and already had my first physio appointment within the space of a few short weeks. The care and concern I have been shown has been exemplary and I would highly recommend your clinic. I would also like to mention Dr Outhwaite’s secretary (Hai-Yen) who has also been extremely helpful. Many thanks to you all.

I had surgery with Prof Ghoz following a sports injury in August 2017. I’m very happy with all the treatment I have received. Prof Ghoz has always been very understanding and I have always felt very involved and understood every step of the treatment. He made a difficult event and period of my life a lot easier to cope with and I would strongly recommend turning to him for treatment!

I was very pleased with how Dr Outhwaite diagnosed me so quickly and started treatment straight away. Everyone was very friendly and helpful at the surgery.

Today’s experience was professional and competent at all stages, from Reception, X-Ray, Administration and of course the Consultant Surgeon. My only suggestion us to keep it up.

I just wanted to send these photos of my feet…one year on tomorrow from my operation!! Massive thanks to yourself and Mr Lloyd Williams for all the support and care! It’s been wonderful to wear shoes that are not misshapen and to feel ok about going barefoot. I’ve been on them all day today so they aren’t looking their best….but I’m sooo thankful.

I received excellent care at the LOC.

I arrived half an hour late. I called twice to alert the admin staff who were very polite and understanding of my situation. They checked with Dr Lloyd Williams who very kindly agreed to adjust his appointment schedule to accommodate me. I could not have been more impressed and grateful.

He is a great dr. He took his time to examin me and and gave the right recommendation on detailed report immediately.

Excellent, clear and thorough

Overall, complete experience was tremendous, I couldn’t have asked for better care.

It was a pleasure to meet you. I am very pleased with how you helped me recover full use of my finger. I will certainly recommend you if I meet someone in need of hand therapy.

Excellent and prompt care provided in a professional and comfortable environment.

As far as I am concerned, Katherine is simply the best in the business and an absolute expert in her field. She is able to pin point issues, treat effectively and explain with enormous clarity what the key problems are. She has treated me in the past for injuries and I have always had a full recovery. I now see her for regular check-ups to make sure everything is working properly and that my hands are in top working condition. Katherine is an incredibly kind and generous person who works hard to support her patients in all situations. Thank you Katherine!

I feel honoured to be able to access this service through my insurance. The team is ran wonderfully and Dr Cohen is a very nice consultant. Thank you all for doing a grand job

Justin squeezed me in for appointment and was really thorough and helpful. Mr Williams put me at ease with my symptoms and made me feel he was available for any follow up contact I might need.

November new knee, April start bowling, September 2 trophies
All thanks to Mr. A. Ghoz
Great job!

Thank you for all the support in helping my hand get better – your calming reassurance gave me the confidence to persevere.

Absolutely brilliant care from Mr Curry

Dr. Curry did a flawless perfect job with my lateral meniscus knee surgery.  4 months after my surgery, I was able to climb 6,000 meters to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro with absolutely no knee issues.  I highly recommend Dr. Curry as a best in class trustworthy orthopedic surgeon who is a master at his craft.

Care from Dr Halfpenny over and above what I had expected.

I want to thank Mr Cohen for taking the tine to see me. I came away knowing everything I need to. I can’t thank him enough.

I am so pleased that I was referred to you – your help, patience and support has been invaluable – I really appreciate it.

I was quite impressed with Mr. Lloyd Williams. He was professional, knowledgable, and personable.

Thank you Katherine for being such an integral part of my recovery! Your super expertise and awesome personality have been extremely reassuring! Thanks for giving me the confidence that this will one day pass and for helping us injured musicians achieve our dreams! 

Mr Cohen and team are extreme professionals
very nice and affable professional
very good and courteous staff
A very good clinic
Thumbs up

I am very satisfied of the services received from Dr. Deane Halfpenny!

Very satisfied with my care. Everyone I interacted with was very kind and professional.

You got me playing again and I will always sing your praises to all and sundry. I am grateful for your help when I most needed it.

It is 10 years since you operated on my right hip and I would like to express my sincere thanks for the ten years of improved quality of life I have had. I have had no problems whatsoever, everything has been positive. In July you operated on my left hip and once again I have benefitted from your skill and expertise.  In the last two months I have improved really well and am looking forward to making further progress. My intentions are the same as with my right hip, I am going to treasure and look after them.  I am going to treasure and look after them. I think that is the least I can do to let you know that your efforts are very much appreciated.  Words cannot say how I feel. Thank you again for all the skill and expertise, the advice and your time. I will always be grateful.

I thought Mr Cohen was superb. I had a very good honest consultation and follow up letter summarizing consultation.

Fantastic experience with both Mr Curry and Dr Jalan. Thank you so much. Nurse Becky was so reassuring and warm. Thank you

As a first time patient, I was very impressed with efficiency, kindness and care given by everyone

Everyone was very polite and welcoming, especially as I had to bring my young child to my appointment

Simply a delightful experience. Without exception, every single person that I dealt with today was kind and thoughtful. Possibly the most pleasant medical experience that I have ever had.

I made an appointment because I was suffering from pain in my lower back. A consultant was able to see me the same day in the afternoon, waiting time was minimal and the assessment was quick but efficient. I got a prescription for medicine and was offered the option to get a sick leave from work prescribed

Katherine’s care, compassion and expertise brought me out of complete arm dysfunction onto the road of a strong recovery – I’m in a much better place now – thank you!

He is one of the most talented men I have ever met and thanks to him I can tap dance again

Very efficient and informative
Seen immediately as I was late and they accommodated me.

Good job Justin & Lloyd!

from my 1st visit i felt comfortable and was taken good care of. My consultant was very understanding and explain the process well. i was very happy of the outcome of my first consultation

I was made to feel very comfortable by the receptionist. Mr Outhwaite is very good at explaining everything and I was very pleased with the consultation.

No suggestions, care has been 1st class. Ver impressed with the speed of booking an appointment through to surgery in 24 hours. Mr Cohen was able to accommodate my surgery even though he had other personal arrangements.

Evelina Boavida, the Consultant’s assistant was super efficient. Mr Curry, the consultant was also very open to flexibility. For example, I could not get an appointment till 2:40pm which would have resulted in an MRI scan on the following day and the operation later in the week or following week. Instead, Evelina Boavida, spoke to Mr Curry who agreed for me to be referred for an MRI scan before his appointment and at the same time, Evelina Boavida also held the operation slot for the following day. It all worked very well and I was seen to, MRI scanned and operated in less than 24 hours. Unbeatable execution.

Very well done, Eva!

After a nasty, complex, painful injury I thought my rallying days were over. After the surgeon put my wrist back together the skill, professionalism, empathy and all round brilliance of London Hand Therapy got me back on the road! Katherine is second to none and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Fantastic service, would definitely recommend the clinic!


My experience at my initial consultation was extremely good and the fact that one can have their xrays done at the same time, on site, and immediately discuss the results with their consultant in 1 appointment is fantastic and so much better than having to go elsewhere and then arrange a follow-up appointment to see the xrays. Things really have moved on! 🙂 Everyone was very punctual, professional, friendly and approachable and the whole experience felt seemless from start to finish. Thank you!

He is clearly a first class surgeon and I received the best possible treatment throughout. Words cannot express how grateful I am to Mr. Gidwani for his care and wonderful skill.

Thank you so much Katherine for everything you have done for me the past few years. Without your work I wouldn’t be playing and I’ll be forever grateful!

You are a genius! I can’t thank you enough for your brilliance. I think you are a miracle worker!

Very Professional And All Members Of Staff Were Very Kind And Helpful

I could not have been happier with Mr Owen-Johnstone. He was amiable and informative. I felt at ease in his care and respected.

I was immensely pleased with my visit to LOC and grateful to all of the staff there for being so kind and helpful. A special mention goes to the front desk women who provided extra assistance when my BUPA customer service agent was less than competent in providing the required pre-auth code. Those women were on top of it and knew what I had to set the BUPA agent on the right path.

Highly recommend Mr. R. Lloyd Williams

Willingness to go the extra mile much appreciated: 1) flexibility to move the appt 2) prompt arrangement of CT scan, finding location 3) Care in finding local physio and giving clear notes

Wishing you all the best and thanking you for all that you have done for me. I don’t know how I can thank you enough for what you have done for me. – Nick

I was made to feel at ease and that both i and my condition would be taken seriously and dealt with appropriately from the first meeting.

It would be an understatement to say that I was extremely happy in every respect with the service I have received from the London Orthopaedic Clinic.