25th July 2014
Very good experience overall. I will recommend the clinic to friends and family members.

9th July 2014
I was very impressed during my time at The London Orthopaedic Clinic. I felt at ease and cared for throughout.

4th July 2014
Mr Williams explained my injuries the most comprehensive of all the foot specialists I have seen. He showed me the scan and explained as he went. I felt confident with his skills and expertise.

21st June 2014
Fantastic Receptionist in the Wimpole St office

10th June 2014
unrivalled for professionalism

2nd June 2014
This is probably the very best medical care I have ever received. 

28th May 2014
She (Dr Sam Ponsford) was lovely, totally put me at ease on a test and issue I was worried about. She is very skilled in what she does and in keeping her patients calm. If only all medical professionals could do this!

23rd May 2014
Very professional but also friendly, even had a cup of tea whilst waiting

16th May 2014
very professional and caring

14th May 2014
Mr.Lloyd-Williams was extremely pleasant and helpful

29th April 2014
First class service throughout. A friendly and prompt service from start to finish.

25th April 2014
Very Quick and professional together with staff

23rd April 2014
Very happy with Mr Patel

21st April 2014
Instilled Confidence with knowledge and attitude

10th April 2014
My comments relate to ground floor reception. It was very useful to have free wifi available, as I  was early for my appointment.

Dr Outhwaite was quite outstanding in his treatment of me and diagnosis of my condition. He is a very gifted man.

28th March 2014
Very happy indeed. Brian was calm and instilled trust and confidence

12th March 2014
Everything marvellous except the lack of decent magazines (response from TLOC: following this feedback from a patient we have reviewed our range of magazines, purchased more and made sure all floors have an equal distribution of reading material for better patient satisfaction

27th February 2014
Fantastic Consultants

25th February 2014
Late, although I was immediately informed on arrival that this would be the case

14th February 2014
welcoming, warm and reassuring

27th January 2014
I was led to the exit; very courteous. Highly efficient, particularly emails and Lloyd Williams PA

21st  November 2013
Very professional & helpful staff

13th November 2013
Best medical experience I have had to date. Quick and efficient and covered all required

28th October 2013
Very kind secretary- I was an ’emergency’, apologies made for lateness. Kind and thorough understood everything

1st October 2013
Dealt with pleasantly and efficiently. Empathetic and knowledgeable

28th September 2013
Finally a consultant who listens