This was the first time I had chosen treatment outside the NHS. I am so impressed I am going to go and get private health insurance. Never again do I want to have to endure the long and painful wait I have had this time. I left the consultation feeling like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I was talked to like a human being with a brain and everything was explained to me. I wasn’t kept waiting or made to feel like I had to be hurried through and I had complete confidence in the swift diagnosis I received. After four years of pain I am looking forward to having surgery within a week.

Patient visited 12th June 2013

My wife just wished we had met Mr Madhav a year or two earlier

Patient visited 27th May 2013

Fantastic Consultant very pleased with outcomes

Patient visited 27th March 2013

Very good all round service

Patient visited 10th March 2013

I was very impressed and have every confidence in Sean Curry

Patient visited 8th February 2013

Don’t have any as cannot find any fault. I came originally last year to see Lloyd Williams and the overall care was so good that I have the greatest that I have the greatest trust in the LOC and the consultants there

Patient visited 8th February 2013 

I am very happy with Dr John Outhwaite I find him very kind very amusing and very professional. He's helping me a lot with my condition.

Patient visited 7th February 2013

I last saw Dean Halfpenny, and I thought he was very good in asking me what the issues were and asking about general health and also taking the time to explain to me what the issues were without me having to ask.

Patient visited 29th January 2013    

Overall a pleasant experience with very nice people, felt pleased and reassured after my consultation. Very nice comfortable environment, would highly recommend.

Patient visited 17th January 2013   

Superb all round and would recommend to anyone in the future.

Patient visited 8th January 2013 

Couldn't have been better

Patient visited 18th December 2012 

Willingness to go the extra mile much appreciated: 1) flexibility to move the appt 2) prompt arrangement of CT scan, finding location 3) Care in finding local Physio and giving clear notes

Patient visited 7th December 2012