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  • How is knee replacement surgery performed?

    Patients having knee replacement surgery will typically be admitted to hospital the day before the operation. The anaesthetist and the surgeon will typically come and see you and discuss the ins and outs of the surgery and answer any questions you have. However, most people will have spoken with the surgeon prior to this at […]

  • Spinal Surgery

    Back care awareness week is now in full swing, and so it’s time to discuss spinal surgery. Spinal surgery is typically offered to people suffering with pain after all non-surgical treatments have been tried. This is because there are risks involved in spinal surgery, and so any treatments that may work to relieve your pain […]

  • Torn Ligament

    Torn ligaments in the knee can put you out of action quickly.  They hurt a lot and can really limit what you can do. Ligament tears are common for very active people, but after a tear,  it can take a long time to get back to this active lifestyle. And once you do return to […]