Hip Operation

November 5th, 2018 by LOC Team

If you’re about to have a hip operation, we’re sure you have some questions about it. Of course, questions about your surgery should be directed at the surgeons in charge of your operation. However, there are some questions about hip surgeries that don’t come to you until you’ve left your appointment and so we have compiled a list of FAQs about hip operations to help our readers understand what may happen during and after their hip operation.

How soon will I up and about after my hip operation?

You may be able to walk on the same day as your operation, with the help of hospital staff. The hospital staff will help you get up and moving as quickly as possible. 

When can I go home after my hip operation?

Most people go home 3-5 days after a hip operation. However, this depends on the progress you make and what type of hip operation you have.

How long will I be in pain for after my hip operation?

The pain you were feeling before the operation should be gone from the moment you wake up after the operation. However, you should expect some pain as a result of the operation, but it doesn’t typically last very long.

Will I need to return to hospital?

Yes. You’ll be given an appointment to check on your progress; this is normally between 6-12 weeks after your hip operation.

How long will it take to feel normal again?

Typically it takes about four to six weeks to walk unaided (without crutches), but it can take anywhere up to three months to feel “normal” again. By this time, you should be able to perform your usual daily activities.

When can I drive and when will I be able to return to work?

Typically, you can drive about six weeks after a hip operation, but you should follow your surgeons advice about this. You may find it tricky getting in and out of your car at first.  Just take it slowly and if you feel pain when sitting in the driver’s seat, don’t drive, it isn’t worth taking the risk. Returning to work after your hip operation all depends on your work. Typically, though, you can return to work after a hip operation after 6-12 weeks.

Will I need another hip replacement?

Most hip implants last about 15 years nowadays. So, yes, you may need to have another hip replacement in the future. Hip revision surgery is more time consuming, complicated and can be riskier than the first hip operation. Because of this, it can’t be performed on everyone.

If we didn’t answer all of your questions about your hip operation, please ask the doctor in charge of your hip operation during your next appointment. Perhaps make a note of any questions you have prior to the appointment so that you have them to hand. To find out about the many hip conditions that can lead to someone needing a hip replacement, please explore our website further. And, if you’d like our help with finding the cause of your hip or leg pain, please get in touch. We can diagnose the cause of your hip pain and then create a tailored treatment plan for you.