Hip Arthritis

March 31st, 2017 by LOC Team


What is osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common forms of arthritis, but there are many forms of the condition. It is known as degenerative joint disease or sometimes age-related arthritis as it is more likely to develop with age. Arthritis actually means “joint inflammation” as this is a common symptom of the condition.

Inflammation and injury cause the breaking down of the cartilage in the hip joint, this then causes the pain, swelling and deformity of the hip joint. The combination of all of this is what is known as arthritis. The changes of the hip joint that come with arthritis will usually happen over many years, but there are a few versions that are exceptions to this rule.

There are two main types of osteoarthritis, which are:

Primary: A more generalised osteoarthritis, this affects the thumbs, fingers, spine, knees and hips

Secondary: This type of osteoarthritis occurs after inflammation or injury of a joint, or as a result of another condition that may have affected the composition of the cartilage within the joint. One type of condition that can cause osteoarthritis is hemochromatosis.

How does arthritis affect the hip joint?

People who have arthritis in their hip joint can have issues with walking. Diagnosis can be difficult at first, this is because the pain often appears in different locations and so it is very difficult to pinpoint a cause. Some areas where the pain can manifest are the bum, knee, groyne and thigh. This pain can be a stabbing pain or a dull ache, and the hip is likely to be stiff.

What causes arthritis of the hip?

The causes of arthritis in any part of the body is something that science is yet to fully understand. There are a couple of things that can contribute to it though including; increasing age, past joint injuries and being overweight.

In addition, arthritis can sometimes be caused by:

  • The joint not having formed properly
  • It might be genetic defects in the cartilage
  • You could be putting excessive stress on your joint either by being overweight or through activities

What are the symptoms of hip arthritis?

You could have any of the symptoms below if you have arthritis in the hip. If you do, speak with your doctor as soon as you can.

  • Joint stiffness after long periods of rest (sitting or laying in bed)
  • Swelling, pain and tenderness in or around the hip joint
  • An inability to move your hip properly to perform everyday activities
  • A feeling or sound of bone rubbing together

What are the treatments for arthritis in the hip?

There is no cure for arthritis and so the treatments available are there to help improve your life by improving your mobility and reducing the pain you are in. Treatment plans might include:

  • Losing excess weight
  • Medication
  • Non-drug pain relief techniques to control the pain
  • Resting and joint care
  • Exercise
  • Surgery

We have written an article about hip replacement surgery on our blog before so please see that to find out more about the operation. We also have plenty of other articles on here related to common hip conditions that might be of use to you.