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Hypermobility: Joining the Dots


London Orthopaedic Clinic invites you to join us at this interactive, multidisciplinary event

Hypermobility affects approximately 20% of the population and many of these patients have first presentation to disciplines related to Orthopaedics.

High numbers of Hypermobile patients present with acute injuries to GPs, Physiotherapists and Allied Health Professionals and are often unaware that their current musculoskeletal issue may well be a symptom of a larger problem. Patients may see a number of specialists for a variety of health complaints and go years before realising that these episodes are linked to a singular, manageable condition:Hypermobility.

The London Orthopaedic Clinic will provide you with the awareness and guidance required to help diagnose and manage Hypermobility.

Thursday September 8th 6:30 – 9:30 PM at the Royal Society of Medicine

Learn more and book your free tickets at this page: Hypermobility – Joining the Dots

Educational Programme

London Orthopaedic Clinic is committed to providing educational resources to our larger network of third-party referrers, often inviting clinicians to shadow our team of experts in their clinics and surgeries.
In addition to this, we offer a comprehensive platform of free talks that can be delivered to you and your team, at your practice, by one of our specialists. These talks are delivered over a complimentary breakfast or lunch, depending on your time preferences.
If you would like more information on our free educational talks, or if you would like to arrange to have a clinician speak at your practice, please contact our Business Development and Marketing Officer  Joe Carey via email or telephone.


Summer Talks Menu

Upper Limb

Miss Catina Bernardis

Hand Specialist

Small Joints of the Hand

Mr Brian Cohen

Upper Limb Surgeon

Movement in the Upper Limb: the battle between mobility & stability

Mr Simon Owen-Johnstone

Upper Limb Surgeon

Shoulder Examination

Pain Management

Dr Ingrid Bergson

Clinical Pain Psychologist

Pain Management

Dr Deane Halfpenny

Musculoskeletal Pain Physician

Muscle Fatigue and Pain

Dr John Outhwaite



Foot & Ankle

Justin Coulter

Musculoskeletal Podiatrist

Current Thoughts on Plantar Fasciopathy

Miss Ros Miller

Foot & Ankle Surgeon

Summer Shoes

Mr R. Lloyd Williams

Foot & Ankle Surgeon

Minimally Invasive Foot Surgery

Hip & Knee

Mr Sean Curry

Hip & Knee Surgeon

Hip & Knee Pain in Runners

Mr David Goodier

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Failed ACL Repairs

Download a PDF of this programme: Summer Talks Menu 2016.

Certificates of Attendance will be provided to use toward your CPD Educational Hours.

A complimentary breakfast/lunch will be provided

If you are interested in any of our specialists visiting your practice at breakfast or lunch time to deliver a short educational talk, please contact Joe Carey via email or telephone.


Breakfast MDT

London Orthopaedic Clinic organises a monthly Breakfast MDT, on the first Friday of each month, open to Physiotherapists & Allied Health Professionals. Led by our in-house Clinical Pain Team the hour long MDT provides an excellent and engaging platform for the discussion of patients suffering with Complex Regional Pain (CPR). Participants are welcome to discuss their own patients, though this is not compulsory.

A complimentary breakfast is provided to all participants.

The next Breakfast MDT is scheduled for Friday, 5th August, 08:30am – 09:30am

The session will be run by our MDT leads Dr Ingrid Bergson, Clinical Pain Psychologist and Dr John Outhwaite, Consultant Rheumatologist.

If you would like more information on our free educational talks, or if you would like to arrange to have a clinician speak at your practice, please contact our Business Development and Marketing Officer Joe Carey via email or telephone.


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Past Events

Breakfast MDT with Dr Deane Halfpenny & Dr John Outhwaite
1st April, 8.30-9.30pm
79 Wimple Street, London w1G 9RY

Join Dr Halfpenny and Dr Outhwaite for their regular breakfast case conference to discuss complex patients suffering from persistent pain.

Orthopaedic Master Class with Mr David Goodier and Mis Ros Miller
19th April, 6.30-9pm
Sherlock Holmes Park Plaza Hotel, 108 Baker Street
London W1U 6LJ