Health Professionals

Our team of orthopaedic surgeons and physicians can offer comprehensive expert care from pre-surgical assessment, through surgery, to a structured and supervised rehab programme. We use the most modern equipment and are all skilled in the latest surgical techniques and procedures.

Elite Athletics

We treat many professional sportsmen and women, and elite athletes, and have close relationships with many top-flight clubs and teams in many sports. Many of our consultants have played competitive sports at a high level, so we fully understand their special requirements.

Complex medical problems

We also pride ourselves on our care of patients with complex co-morbidities. We have established a special multidisciplinary system of pre-operative assessment and optimisation, combined with enhanced post-operative care to ensure the best possible outcome.

Why we are different

We are one of the most comprehensive private musculoskeletal surgical practice's in the country. We are at the forefront of musculoskeletal care and we do not believe you will be able to find better care for your patients elsewhere.

We are constantly pioneering new techniques and procedures.For example, wherever possible our surgeons will use minimally invasive and image guided techniques to avoid open surgery so patients can be assured they will have minimal down time and will be able to return to normal activity and training as soon as possible.

We are also amongst the only surgical teams in the UK to offer continuous ambulatory regional and wound local anaesthesia infusions, which significantly reduce post procedure pain and can enable discharge several days earlier than is possible after conventional management.

We are also probably one of the only integrated musculoskeletal practices in the UK to offer comprehensive biomechanical and performance enhancement for all our patients.

Practical information

All our consultants are recognised by the major private medical insurers. We normally request a referral letter but please check with the relevant consultant's personal assistant as this may not always be the case. To learn more about our consultant surgeons and physicians and their sub-specialty interests please look at who we are.