Cracking Or Popping Joints

July 16th, 2018 by LOC Team

Joint popping or cracking is described differently by just about everyone who experiences it. Some call it popping, cracking, snapping, noise, creaking or exploding, others call it by many other names. However, although the names differ, the symptom remains the same.

The cause of the popping in your joints can be a number of conditions. Because of this, you must inform your doctor of any situational information you can when seeing them about popping joints. What this means is that you should tell your doctor about when your joints are popping, when they started doing it, why you think they are doing it and so on. With this information, your doctor can determine whether the joint popping is being caused by a singular episode in the joint or a repeatable, recurrent event. 

Singular episode joint popping

Joint cracking that occurs once only is sometimes due to an injury to the joint. Causes of this type of injury can include ligament strains and tears, tendon strains and tears, joint dislocation and fracture.

Repeatable event joint popping

Repeatable event joint cracking can be caused by harmless events. A prime example of this type of joint cracking is cracking your knuckles where the sound is caused by popping trapped bubbles of gas between the finger joints. Repeatable joint popping can also be caused by a tendon snapping over a protruding bone. Once again, this is usually nothing to worry about, but can sometimes be a little painful.

However, repeated joint popping can also be caused by more serious conditions. These represent more serious joint problems like a cartilage tear from a torn meniscus or osteoarthritis, for example.

How to avoid cracking joints

A good way of avoiding cracking joints is exercise. The more you move throughout the day, the less your joints will crack. This is because the cracking in your joint, for the most part, is caused by the fluid in your joints staying idle. When this fluid hasn’t been moved around by walking and things like that, it doesn’t lubricate the joint and so cracking and popping occurs.

How do I know if my joint cracking is related to a serious condition like arthritis?

Well, if you suspect that your joint cracking is something more serious than a harmless crack every now and then, it is worth getting it checked out. If your joint cracking is happening a lot when you wake up or after sitting for a long time, it is likely that there is nothing to worry about. This is just because the fluid in your joints has stayed idle for a time and the joint isn’t lubricated. However, if you notice the cracking occurring even after walking around for awhile, this can mean that there is a serious problem with your joint, possibly osteoarthritis. Our advice, get your joint seen to. The quicker you get a diagnosis (if there is anything wrong), the quicker a treatment plan can be put in place.

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