Back pain is a very common condition, in fact, it will affect 1 in 3 of us this year. Most of these people will get a pain in their lower back and, in most cases, this can be managed yourself by keeping mobile and taking painkillers. Back pain is a nuisance, it can affect your […]


What is Morton’s neuroma? This condition is a very painful one that affects one of the nerves between your toes. Morton’s neuroma is known by a few names; Morton’s Neuroma, Interdigital Neuroma and Morton’s Metatarsalgia. These are important to know because doctors may call the condition by any one of these names. Morton’s neuroma is […]


If you have just been told that you may need a lumbar discectomy in the future or you are curious about the operation and would like some more information about it, hopefully, this article will give you everything you need to know. Below, we are going to look at the operation and what you should […]


Learn about Shoulder Arthritis In this article, we are going to discuss shoulder arthritis and in particular osteoarthritis of the shoulder. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition, meaning it will get worse over time. You are much more likely to develop osteoarthritis in any of your joints as you get older and this can lead to […]


Why is my knee giving away? If your knee keeps giving way and you would like to know why, hopefully, this article can help you. Below, we are going to find out about the knee, exactly what the issue could be with a knee giving way and how best to go about finding the treatments […]


What is shoulder instability? Your shoulder joint is a very complex thing, it is made up of bones, muscle, tendons and ligaments all holding everything where it should be. Shoulder instability, put as simply as possible, is where the shoulder joint feels loose, almost as though the ball of the joint is falling out of […]


If you have just been told that you need steroid injections to help you overcome a condition and you are wondering why, hopefully, this article can help you with any questions you may have. Below, we are going to discuss what steroid injections do and what conditions are treated with steroid injections. What are steroids? […]


Ankle arthroscopy is a type of operation performed on the ankle through keyhole incisions. Using the latest technology, doctors can perform all types of different surgeries in this way with many advantages over traditional surgery methods. Firstly, the ankle is prone to respond badly to open incisions, thus, complications are likely to occur when open […]


What is knee locking? Most cases of knee locking fall into one of two categories but what knee locking refers to is the leg getting stuck in one position without you being able to bend it or straighten it. The two categories that knee locking fall into are true knee locking and pseudo locking. True […]


London Orthopaedic Clinic is currently recruiting  for a full time, dynamic, conscientious Healthcare Assistant to join our clinical team. The position is available immediately and is temporary until December when it may become permanent. The right candidate will need to be confident, well organised and have outstanding communication and administration skills. Responsibilities will include meeting […]


An overview of a dislocated kneecap May I just say, this has happened to me and it hurts like hell so I feel your pain! My knee dislocated when playing football, I made a sudden change in direction and heard the popping sound mentioned below. A dislocation of the kneecap can also happen if you […]


There are eight bones that make up your wrist called carpal bones and a dislocation can be of any one of these carpal bones. In most cases, a dislocated wrist will occur after a fall or other traumatic event. As the wrist is a relatively small area on your body, it should be quite clear […]