Hip pain is a very common complaint. Of course, hip pain is caused by a variety of different hip conditions. The precise location of hip pain provides valuable clues to doctors when it comes to diagnosing what’s causing hip pain. For example, problems within the hip joint tend to cause hip pain on the inside […]

The hand and wrist are very complex. There are 29 joints, 29 bones, 34 muscles and 123 ligaments in the hand and wrist. Combined, these structures allow us to use our hands perfectly each and every day, but it only takes one of these structures to become damaged to throw the whole system off kilter. […]

What is lateral release surgery? Lateral release surgery is an operation to correct a dislocating kneecap. Once you’ve had this operation, your kneecap and the structures in your knee may benefit from physiotherapy. Physiotherapy after any knee operation can help strengthen your knee and the surrounding muscles, ligaments and tendons to ensure a speedy recovery. […]

Your kneecap runs in a groove in your knee. When your kneecap is in this groove, everything is fine, and your knee works perfectly. You can sit, walk, run and move around easily. However, when your kneecap slips out of this groove, this can all change. The kneecap slipping out of the groove causes pain, […]

Limb reconstruction surgery is used to replace missing pieces of bone and lengthen or straighten deformed segments of limbs. There are many different techniques used to performed limb reconstruction surgery on adults and children. Limb reconstruction surgery is a subcategory of orthopaedic surgery. This category of surgery specialises in correcting any limb deformity whether it […]

Hand and wrist injuries are most common during sports, work, DIY, fights, trips and falls. The risk of getting a hand or wrist injury in contact sports is high as these types of sports increase the likelihood of your falling over, coming into contact with other people and things like that. The sports that increase […]

Both skiing and snowboarding can result in many injuries, but they do have slightly different injury patterns. Skiers tend to have more knee injuries while snowboarders have more upper body injuries. This is due to the different ways in which skiers and snowboarders fall. However, there are also many injuries that are common with both […]

Chronic pain conditions can affect you in many ways. They can restrict what you can do during daily life and this can lead to depression. Many people with chronic pain conditions experience depression during their time with their condition, but there are treatments that can help with chronic pain conditions. Even if the condition isn’t […]

The knee is the largest joint in your body. The kneecap covers this joint and provides it with some structure and strength. This allows your leg to bend and turn safely. However, your knee carries a lot of weight and has a lot of moving parts. Because of this, your knee is prone to problems. […]

Hip pain is often caused by developmental problems, injuries, chronic conditions and infections. While it would be impossible for us to tell you about all hip conditions in this article, we can tell you about the most common hip conditions. These hip conditions can pose problems for people in everyday life and cause a lot […]

Arthroscopic surgery is a type of keyhole surgery. It is used to diagnose and correct all manner of issues and problems within joints. Arthroscopic surgery is used to treat conditions all over the body, but most commonly it is used to diagnose and treat ailments in the knees, hips, shoulders and other joints. The tools […]

According to a study in 2014, in the US alone, there were nearly 200,000 skiing and snowboarding related injuries treated. 114,00 of these were skiing injuries. This is a massive amount of skiing injuries, and that doesn’t include any of the skiing injuries in Europe. Skiing injuries increase in seriousness simply because of the location […]