What Is Hip Arthroscopy?

  Many people have heard of knee arthroscopy; a small camera is inserted into the knee to find a cause to an issue. Hip arthroscopy is the same thing; it is a relatively minimal invasive operation that allows surgeons to look into your hip joint and find a cause to your pain. After they have […]

Total Hip Replacement

  A hip replacement is a surgery that is quite common in the UK. Typically hip replacement surgery involves replacing either the ball or the socket of the joint with an artificial replica. However, a total hip replacement is replacing both of these parts with these artificial models known as prosthetics. This surgery can be […]

Torn Ligament Injuries In Knee

  If you think that you have a torn ligament in your knee, then you are not alone. Knee injuries like torn ligaments are very common in the UK, especially if you are involved in sports. Today we’re going to look at this type of knee injury and what symptoms you may have to help […]

Everything You Need To Know About ACL Grafts

  What is an ACL graft? An ACL graft (sometimes called an ACL reconstruction) is a surgery to replace a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). This is a major ligament in your knee. Most ACL injuries occur when playing sports that involve sudden changes of direction and stopping. ACL injuries are common in sports like […]

A Look At Knee Surgery

  On Monday, we had a look at ACL graft surgery and what to expect if you think you have to have the surgery in the future. In that article, we focused on why you might need to have the surgery, the risks and the recovery. We did speak about the surgery itself, but it […]

What Is Knee Arthroscopy?

  Knee arthroscopy is a type of surgery that can be used to diagnose or treat conditions that affect the knee joint. A small incision is made into the joint and a camera is inserted into the joint. The surgeon can then located the area that you are having issues with and see what the […]

What Is Hip Impingement?

  Your hip joint normally moves around very freely, the ball and socket glide smoothly and work seamlessly. However, there is a problem that can interfere with this free motion and can affect either the ball or the socket. This problem is what’s known as a hip impingement or FAI (femoroacetabular impingement). This issue is […]

Walking With a Limp

  Walking with limp is often called having a walking abnormality. These are uncontrollable walking patterns and there are many reasons for them. Sometimes it is genetics that causes them; perhaps it is a disease or a recent injury. They can affect anything in your leg including; nerves, bone, muscles, tendons and ligaments and so […]

Cemented Hip Replacement

  Today’s article is going to explore cemented hip replacement surgery. We are going to look at the operation itself, the materials i.e. the prostheses used and how to choose the prosthetic that is right for you. This article will mainly focus on cemented prostheses as we have already written a blog post about uncemented […]

Meniscal Tears

  Today’s article is all about meniscal tears. We are going to see the causes, symptoms and treatments of meniscal tears and also find out what they actually are. As always, this article is intended to provide you with the answers to your questions; it is not intended to help you treat the condition yourself. […]

Cemented Or Uncemented Hip Replacements?

  During our time at our practice in London, we have had a lot of questions regarding hip replacements. So, today, we thought we would take some of those questions and answer them here in the hope that it can help you understand the topic a little better. This article is intended to provide you […]

Joint Pain In Knee

  Knee pain can suddenly come on, almost out of nowhere. You may think that you haven’t done anything to deserve this knee pain, however, it is typically a result of overusing your knee. Your knee joint is very easily damaged as it has to take your full weight and any extra weight produced when […]