Nerves are information highways, they send messages from your brain and spinal cord to the rest of your body. Along with many other signals and messages, nerves can send you warning signals like pain. These warning signals shouldn’t be ignored. Damage to a pinched nerve can be mild or very severe, and it can cause […]

What is Dupuytren’s contracture? Dupuytren’s contracture is a disease that affects the hands. It is a deformity of the hands that will cause one or more of the fingers to bend towards the palm. It can affect both hands or only one and sometimes affects the thumb too. Dupuytren’s contracture directly affects the connective tissue […]

  Trigger finger is an ailment in which the finger or thumb catches or locks when it is bent. When it is in the thumb, it’s called trigger thumb. It is a very painful condition that occurs when the tendons in your finger become inflamed. These tendons are what hold your muscles and bones together; […]

  A sprained wrist is a very common sporting injury that many athletes will go through during their sporting lives. It isn’t just athletes that can get a sprained wrist either, anyone from any walk of life can get a sprained wrist. All it takes is a loss of concentration and a loss of balance. […]

  Cartilage tears, arthritis in the knee, tendonitis in the knee and many other common knee issues can be helped with physiotherapy. Many of the knee issues mentioned above occur due to sporting activities. They are likely caused by an overuse of the knee or by a single trauma. For example, runners can get knee […]

  The ACL, a ligament found in your knee, runs diagonally through the knee and provides stability to the joint. If you damage this ligament, you may need to have it reconstructed with surgery. The ligament helps with the back and forward motion of your knee. When you tear the ACL, your knee can become […]

  If you have read any of our blog posts about knee replacements, I am sure you are aware of what they are. A knee replacement is taking out the damaged parts of a knee joint and replacing them with artificial parts to create a healthy knee joint once more. This type of surgery has […]

  Modern knee replacements are excellent with as many as 90% of patients having a good to brilliant outcome after surgery. Studies show that over 95% of knee replacements are still working correctly after 10 years and about 83% of them are still going strong after 20. With even more advances in the field in […]

  What is a high riding knee? Patella Alta or high riding knee is a condition in which a person is born with a higher kneecap than usual. High riding isn’t usually too much of problem, in fact, people with the condition are often very good athletes. People with the condition are often very good […]

  The surgery When you tear the ACL ligament in your knee, surgery might be used to repair it. The surgery is only used when the damage to your ACL is unrepairable by the body or other treatments. If your knee doesn’t feel unstable or you do not have a very active lifestyle, you can […]

  Introduction  Knee strengthening exercises can help with a lot of things. They can help you run for longer and most importantly, help prevent knee pain. Knee strengthening exercises do not actually strengthen the knee, instead, they build up the muscles surrounding the knee to take excess weight off of the knee. They are perfect […]

  This is a topic that is currently being debated by doctor and scientists all around the world. Now, we are not writing this article to try and answer the question of what is the best bearing surface to have in your hip because, frankly, there is no perfect bearing surface. All we can do […]