Hand physiotherapy is typically used to help you regain movement in your hand and arm after an injury or an operation. For example, if you have ever been in a cast, you’ll know how stiff your arm can be after having it removed. Hand physiotherapy can be used after you have had a cast […]

  Goals of ankle ligament reconstruction surgery The goal of this type of reconstruction surgery is to restore stability in the ankle. If you have ever had a feeling that your ankle may give way at any moment, this surgery should fix this and make your ankle stronger. The surgery is also able to take […]

  What is tendon transfer surgery? A tendon transfer is typically done to restore normal movement to an ankle and foot after loss of function. This loss of function could be from a stroke or an injury that has resulted in muscle or nerve damage. This damage can decrease the movement that you have in […]

We are looking for a full-time dynamic patient-focused Receptionist to join the team at our busy Central London outpatient clinic. This is an exciting and developing role with scope for future progression. The candidate will support the energetic Front of House team in a patient facing role. A focus on delivering high standards of customer […]

  If you have a feeling of stiffness in your big toe, it could be caused by arthritis. Although arthritis is more commonly found in the hips, knees and hands, it can occur in any joint in the body, including the toe joints. A stiff big toe can be caused by a number of different […]

  Having flat feet means you either have a very low arch or no arch in your foot at all. The arches of your foot are located in the middle of your foot and are usually raised up so that that part of your foot isn’t touching the ground when your foot is flat to […]

  Ankle pain is a very common problem here in the UK, and it is a problem with many causes. It’s important that you get ankle pain looked at and sorted as quickly as possible. If you don’t, it can affect your daily life for far longer than necessary. We’re going to take a look […]

  What is shoulder physiotherapy? Physiotherapy on the shoulder helps to restore the function and movement of the joint while strengthening the muscles around the joint. It is a treatment for a wide variety of illnesses, injuries and disabilities and can prevent future problems from occurring in your shoulder. Shoulder physiotherapy involves exercises and stretches […]

  Katherine Butler was honoured to speak at Oxford May Music Festival on ‘Musicians’ brains are different’. This festival presents scientific lectures and musical concerts side by side and allows exploration of the intertwined relationship of these two worlds. For many years, Katherine has been passionate about combining her two loves: music and medicine. She […]

  Bunion surgery is a surgical procedure to correct or remove the bone that sticks out the side of your big toe. This is called a bunion. The idea behind this operation is to set your big toe joint into a better position, which should relieve the pain coming from a bunion. Below, we are […]

  What are high arches? Your arch is made up of the metatarsal and tarsal bones which are held in place by supporting ligaments and tendons. They run the entire length of your foot and form the contouring shape of your foot. High arches refer to the arch being raised more than normal. Basically, the […]

  What is wrist arthroscopy? A small camera is inserted into your wrist via a small cut; this small camera is used to identify any problem areas. When the areas have been located, other incisions are made and small tools are inserted to repair the problems. The surgery does away with the need to make […]