There are a variety of wrist conditions that can cause wrist cramps. Most often wrist cramps are accompanied by pain and this can stem from sprains, fractures or long-term conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. The wrist is a very complex thing with tendons, muscles, ligaments and bone which can all be responsible for wrist cramps. […]

Ankles pop for many reasons, but one of the most common is because of an ankle injury. Ankle injuries are common, the most common being an ankle sprain. An ankle sprain means that the ankle has been twisted or rolled. This stretches or tears the ligaments in the ankles which results in swelling and pain. […]

There’s a lot of questions that come with operations like minimally invasive foot surgery. So, today, we thought we would answer some of these questions. If you’re having foot surgery soon, we hope you find this article helpful. What is minimally invasive foot surgery? This foot surgery is a method that allows surgeons to correct […]

An acetabular labral tear is also known as a hip labral tear. It occurs in the ring of cartilage the follows the outside rim of the hip joint. This ring of cartilage cushions the hip joint and also acts as a gasket or rubber seal for the joint. It helps to hold the ball of […]

Spinal stenosis is a condition most commonly found in adults aged 50 or over. It is a condition in which the spinal canal begins to narrow. This narrowing of the spinal canal can cause pain and other symptoms. Your spine consists of a series of bones with shock-absorbing discs between them. These allow your spine […]

Repetitive motion syndrome is also sometimes called repetitive motion disorders. It is the name given to a group of muscular conditions that can be caused by daily activities. Repetitive motion syndrome includes conditions like bursitis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, ganglion cyst and trigger finger. Each of the conditions above is caused by too many repetitive […]

A foraminotomy is an operation performed on the spine. It is most often performed on patients that have what’s known as foraminal stenosis. Foraminal stenosis is a condition in which the foramen narrows. The foramen is the hole in the spinal column that the nerves pass through as they exit the spine and head towards […]

Spinal decompression treatment or therapy, as it is often called, aims to relieve nerve pain in the back. Spinal decompression is typically only done when all other treatments options have been exhausted. It can involve physiotherapy, traction or an operation, but this all depends on how severe your symptoms are and the other treatments that […]

Shoulder subluxation is the medical name for a partial dislocation to the shoulder joint. Your shoulder is the most mobile joint in your entire body. This mobility helps us in everyday life but poses problems when we damage the joint. Because of the amount of mobility the shoulder joint has, it can dislocate in a […]

Ankle replacement surgery is an operation that involves replacing worn, damaged or diseased bone and cartilage in the ankle joint. These parts of the ankle joint will be replaced with prosthetic versions of themselves. These are engineered to replace the ankle joint perfectly to ensure the best match possible. The overall aim of ankle replacement […]

The ankle joint is made up of three bones coming together, the tibia, fibula and talus. Any one of these bones can fracture. A fracture is the name given to a crack or break of a bone. This means that an ankle fracture could be just a tiny crack in one of these bones or […]

The elbow joint is quite a common site for pain because it is a joint that we use constantly and this use can cause multiple conditions to flare up. However, there are also other injuries that can affect the elbow joint and also diseases. Below, are just some of the conditions that can cause elbow […]