Meniscal Tears

  Today’s article is all about meniscal tears. We are going to see the causes, symptoms and treatments of meniscal tears and also find out what they actually are. As always, this article is intended to provide you with the answers to your questions; it is not intended to help you treat the condition yourself. […]

Cemented Or Uncemented Hip Replacements?

  During our time at our practice in London, we have had a lot of questions regarding hip replacements. So, today, we thought we would take some of those questions and answer them here in the hope that it can help you understand the topic a little better. This article is intended to provide you […]

Joint Pain In Knee

  Knee pain can suddenly come on, almost out of nowhere. You may think that you haven’t done anything to deserve this knee pain, however, it is typically a result of overusing your knee. Your knee joint is very easily damaged as it has to take your full weight and any extra weight produced when […]

Ski Injuries of the Knee

  When the first ski injury of the 2016-17 northern hemisphere season presented to us in mid October, it looked like a bumper year for ski injuries. The snow was initially poor in the Alps but latterly has improved. The Winter months are a busy time of year for orthopaedic surgeons – particularly knee surgeons! […]

Hip Revision

  Today’s article is going to be looking at hip revision surgery. For those that do not know, hip revision surgery is done after you already have an artificial hip joint. The first operation you have is called a hip replacement operation, this surgery takes your old hip out and replaces it with artificial parts […]

Meniscal Repair

  If you have a meniscus tear, I am sure you are wondering how it’s repaired. Well, that’s exactly what today’s article is all about. Below, we are going to have a look at repairing meniscal tears and other ways they can be treated or repaired. So, let’s start this article off with a bit […]

Hip Dysplasia

  Today’s article is focused on hip dysplasia in adults and the treatments that are available. Hip dysplasia is also commonly found in babies; this is a topic that we might tackle in another article, however, this one is just for the condition found in adults. To start with, let’s take a quick look at […]

Big Toe Arthritis

  What is big toe arthritis? Big toe arthritis is a form of osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis can affect the joints in any part of the body. Basically, what is happening is the cartilage in your joints is worn down, the bones are exposed and they begin to rub together. It is this motion that causes pain […]

Ankle Instability

  Introduction In today’s article, we are going to have a look at the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of ankle instability. Ankle instability is a very common condition here in the UK, with many athletes and other people suffering from it. We hope this article can help you decide whether you have the condition or […]

Tennis Elbow Test

  Tennis elbow is a common condition here in the UK. The condition is medically known as a lateral epicondylitis and it can occur with any overuse of the tendons and muscles of the forearm. Basically, you can get tennis elbow when repeated stress is placed on the elbow joint. This stress can occur in […]

Elbow Arthritis

  Just like any other joint in your body, elbows are prone to arthritis. Arthritis is a condition that develops over time as a result of the cartilage that covers the bones in the joint running out (osteoarthritis). After this, the joint will become stiffness and painful to move; you may also notice that your […]

Knee Swelling And Pain

  In Monday’s article, we had a look at some of the reasons why you might experience knee stiffness. If you haven’t already, please have a look at that article because it may help you discover what is happening in your knee. In today’s article, we are going to explore the possible causes of knee […]