Facet joint problems are often called a syndrome. They are a pain in one of the joints between the bones in the spine called vertebrae. Osteoarthritis can also cause facet joint problems; this can be confusing so, in this article, we’re just going to call them facet joint problems. However, keep these names in […]

  Flat foot is a medical condition that means the arches of your feet are lower than usual or you have no arch at all. The condition is also known as fallen arches. Everything you need to know about flat feet or fallen arches is below. Have you got flat foot? Testing if you have […]

  Back numbness can be indirectly caused by many back conditions. It is actually a neurological condition, however, so although a back condition causes the numbness, it isn’t directly responsible for it, but rather the brain is the cause. Essentially your brain shuts off the feeling to your entire back or just a portion of […]

  Swelling in the shoulder can be caused by a lot of conditions and injuries. While it would be impossible for us to write about all of these conditions and injuries here, we can certainly write about the most common. So, here are some common conditions and injuries that can cause shoulder swelling. Hopefully, the […]

We are looking for a full-time dynamic patient-focused Receptionist to join the team at our busy Central London outpatient clinic. This is an exciting and developing role with scope for future progression. The candidate will support the energetic Front of House team in a patient facing role. A focus on delivering high standards of customer […]

  Back pain is so common that it is likely we will all be affected by it at some point. In most cases, we will only experience minor back pain caused by some form of injury. This is likely to heal up on its own in a few days or weeks, without any need for […]

  Pain is perhaps the most common reason people go and see a doctor. However, it isn’t easy treating pain. To treat pain, you must find the underlying problem causing the pain; this can be tricky. If the underlying cause can’t be found or treated, this leaves you with chronic pain. Chronic pain is what […]

  The X-STOP is a surgery for spinal stenosis. It is a minimally invasive surgery used to treat the painful symptoms that stem from spinal stenosis. The surgery involves inserting a device into the lower back. This device prevents you from bending too far back at the narrowed section of your spine. The reason for […]

  A microdiscectomy is a minimally invasive surgery used to treat people with herniated discs in their lower backs. Lower back surgery used to mean large incisions into the back, this means there were far more risk and a much longer recovery time. Thankfully, with advancements in equipment, surgeries like microdiscectomy are now available. A […]

  Osteotomy is a surgery in which bone is added or removed from a damaged joint. The idea of this operation is to shift the weight from the damaged portion of a joint to a healthier part. This operation is performed on people that have osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis breaks down the cartilage in a joint over […]

  Calcific tendonitis is a build up of calcium deposits in your muscles or tendons. Although this build-up of calcium can occur in any part of your body, one of the most common places for the build-up to occur is in your rotator cuff. The rotator cuff is a grouping of tendons and muscles that […]

  There are plenty of reason why someone may need to have foot physiotherapy. You may need to have physiotherapy on one of your feet after an injury or operation. In this case, it is to get your foot performing normally after this trauma. You may also need to have physiotherapy when you have a […]